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What percentage of profits do the refugee women receive?

Each woman is paid a fair wage for the cards she sews.  Additionally, the women receive 80% of unspecified donations as well as additional funds based on goals reached. Funding is also found for special needs that arise for our women.  

How can I support Woven Dignity?

Purchasing our handmade cards and sharing them with others is a great place to start! Following us on social media and sharing our content really helps us grow while spreading our message and mission. If you want to give financially, we welcome donations! Click here to donate today. And of course, we wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for the prayers of our supporters.


Will my donation be linked to a middle eastern bank?

Woven Dignity’s bank is stateside and not linked to a Middle Eastern bank. All donations are securely processed and the privacy of our donors and supporters is very important to us. 


Are the cards shipped from the middle east?

All our handmade cards are shipped from the Middle East to a distribution center in the United States. When you place an order, your cards will be shipped from our distribution center! This cuts down shipping time and costs for our customers.


When will I get my cards?

Most shipments are mailed within three business days of the order being placed. Typically, our lovely cards will be in your hands within a week of your order.


Is woven dignity a non-profit?

Yes! Thanks for asking. Woven Dignity is a non-profit with 501c3 status. When a donation is made, the donor will receive a receipt with our tax ID.