Our Impact

How is Woven Dignity making an impact for refugee women?

There are over a million refugees in Lebanon, and the majority of them are unemployed. 

Lebanon is faced with a crisis that the world has not seen before. More than 70% of the Lebanese population is living in poverty and the sheer number of unemployed workers, more than 1.5 million, cannot find sustainable pathways out of poverty.   

We employ refugee women in Beirut, Lebanon to hand-sew greeting cards. The proceeds from the cards go straight to supporting the refugee women and their families.

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“It was a privilege to collaborate with Ruth and the Board of Woven Dignity. The work they are doing to support refugees to rebuild their lives is nothing short or miraculous. They are a well-organized and dedicated group that will continue to enjoy success and make extraordinary impacts through their work”



Our Reach

There are currently nine women employed by Woven Dignity, which results in 31 family members directly impacted by our work and moved out of a vulnerable state, including 17 children.   

Approximately 14,000 cards have been handmade to date. 

One Card

What impact does one card have? The proceeds from the sale of one card can buy:

– Pita Bread and two pounds of potatoes
– Onions and one pound of lentils 
– Hummus, pita bread and cucumbers 
– A two-pound bag of seasonal fruit 

More Woven Dignity Stats…

– Two of our refugees come from Iraq and seven come from Syria.

– We have two sponsored refugees. This represents a benefit of increased stability, assured payroll, and food supplies for 12 family members. When donors sponsor refugees, it allows Woven Dignity to hire more women. 

Unspecified donations: 80% goes directly back into the lives of refugee women as “free money of appreciation and bonus.” Refugee women can use this money to buy necessities for their families. 


Unspecified Donations Going Straight to Refugee Women


Small gestures make a big difference.

Coming alongside with a kind word, going to a doctors appointment, giving some thoughtful advice, listening, encouraging, advocating, and taking a small gift of food.  These are things we do at Woven Dignity, and, while we can’t “show” the results, it is making a vast difference.

Did you know?

The public schools in Beirut, Lebanon have a high fail rate.  According to HRW.org, Donors have plowed more than a billion dollars of humanitarian aid for education into Lebanon over five years, yet we have seen an avoidable and worsening education disaster,” said Dr. Maha Shuayb, director of the Center for Lebanese Studies.

At Woven Dignity, it is our desire to set the children of our sewers up for success by providing accountability for their education.

Our Current Allocations…

  • Rent needs for three families: $450 0% 0%
  • Education sponsorship for eight children: $800/month 0% 0%
  • Tutor for one child: $150/month 0% 0%
  • Medical needs: $175/month 43% 43%