Our Mission: Weaving Hope, Restoring Dignity

How it works?

We employ refugee women in Beirut, Lebanon to hand-sew greeting cards. The proceeds from the cards go straight to supporting the refugee women and their families.

Welcome to Woven Dignity, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing refugee women with hope and empowerment through sustainable work. We firmly believe that sustainable employment opportunities are the catalyst for providing a brighter future for refugee women in the Middle East who have been forced to flee their homes. Through sustainable work, women can reclaim their dignity. 

As refugee women join our team and embark on the journey of sewing unique, handcrafted cards, they not only gain valuable skills but also experience a newfound sense of purpose and pride. We firmly believe that when women are given the opportunity to contribute to their communities and support their families, they can overcome adversity and thrive.

Once these cards are lovingly crafted, they are shipped to our distribution center in the United States, where we fulfill purchase orders from individuals and organizations who appreciate the beauty and meaning behind each card. By purchasing our handcrafted cards, you directly contribute to empowering refugee women and creating positive change in their lives.

At Woven Dignity, our mission is clear: to weave hope, restore dignity, and create lasting change. Join us in this important journey as we work hand in hand to build a future where every woman can rise above adversity, reclaim her dignity, and embrace the boundless possibilities that await her. Together, we can make a difference, one stitch at a time. 

How we work…

Refugee women join the Woven Dignity team and begin sewing unique, hand-crafted cards.
Card-making provides sustainable work for our refugee women, allowing them to thrive and regain their dignity.
These cards are shipped to our distribution center in the United States where we fulfill purchase orders.

One Woman’s Story…

My name is IIham, I am Lebanese. I am married and I have a child aged 11 years old and a newborn baby. This is my first work in sewing. I hope you like it and encourage me to continue because I really enjoy it. I am thankful to have this opportunity in these difficult times and with my growing family.

أنا أمينة، امرأة سورية تهجرت بسبب الحرب وأصبحت لاجئة. تركت كل شىء من غنى وثروة ورائي وأطلب من الله أن يكون مساعدي. وقد وجدت سبيلا لأدخل إلى قلوب الناس بواسطة هذه البطاقات التي أصنعها بمساعدة إحدى بناتي ناديا. عسى أن تدخل الفرحة إلى قلوبكم ولكم جزيل الشكر على تعاونكم معي ومساعدتكم لي.