I have no doubt that you have been in situations that feel bigger than yourself.  That you, by yourself, cannot solve the issues that comes with that set of circumstances.  Pushed beyond your comfort zone and in need of intervention by Someone more resourceful than yourself.   Perhaps added to that discomfort is that other people are counting on your success of handling the situation.  Like, REALLY counting on it.

It is not a pleasant place to be, at least not in my opinion.  And that is exactly where I was this summer.  In need of a miracle or a dozen or two, while I was on holiday in the USA.

I want to tell you the story of the day the “faith of miracles” was breathed into my journey.  The exciting thing is, I don’t think the “faith of miracles” is for my story alone.  I believe, that if you need a miracle, then this might just be a story for you also. 

My issue was that I had/have refugees sewing hand embroidered cards for their livelihood.  I had less than 2 weeks of time to sell their cards (over 800 of them) so that our NGO, ~Woven Dignity~, would have money enough to do their payroll for the rest of the year. Many people who said they would host a group so that I could present the project and sell cards, backed out for various reasons.  I was really squirming and voicing my overwhelmed heart to God and my husband.  My constant thought was how in the world to move forward and wondering if it was time to give up.

One morning I returned my 6’4”, 17-year-old son, back to summer camp where he was working.  Passing through a tiny town (Cohutta, Georgia), I was drawn to an old, restored building that was being run as a General Store.  I wrested with myself about going in or not, but ultimately, I pulled my van into a parking spot and was pleasantly surprised with the fun, fresh atmosphere inside the store.  It was clear that the owner was Christian, as there were many spiritual sayings for sale in the store.

I picked out one that caught my attention and as I was checking out, I asked if the owner was around.  One of the ladies behind the counter piped up that she was.  I quickly told her about Woven Dignity and our mission.  Immediately, she was engaged and enthusiastically asked to see the cards. We went and carried them in from the van and began to share with each other as she began to pick out cards for her store.

Mandy, at the Ge犀利士 neral store in Cohutta, shared with me that she was a successful hairdresser with many people working under her, but felt God asked her to open the General Store.  She positively exclaimed that she believes God has big things He wants to do through the General Store in Cohutta.  This was all being shared while she took great delight in the Woven Dignity project and cards. Then Mandy told me she had been healed in that store. I was intrigued and urged her to share the story with me.

For years Mandy had struggled with pain in her legs from varicose veins.  From the moment her feet hit the floor, and all day long, it was like a strong headache.  A lady prayed for Mandy, right there in the General store in little town Cohutta.  When the prayer ended, Mandy was healed.  The lady who prayed for Mandy told her that she was healed because of her faith.  Then went on to tell her that everyone has a measure of faith, but those with the gift of faith….

I am going to interrupt this story right here because the following words made me weep, in the General Store in little town, Cohutta.  You see, I have no doubt that I was there in that store that morning talking with Mandy because God wanted to say something to me through her.  It was a message for me, for Woven Dignity.  How do I know?  Hold on.  Keep reading and I will tell you. 

So Mandy went onto say that, “everyone has a measure of faith, but those with the gift of faith produce miracles”. And I wept.

I was so touched be those words…I felt like Mandy was gifting Woven Dignity with faith which would produce miracles.

How do I know these words were for me to hear?  Well, first it is just that indwelling spirit within me that recognizes the Holy Spirit in someone else.  But what really astounded me was the next morning I was reading through my journal that I had written in before going to the General store and promptly forgot about it as I headed about my day.  I had written about Darron, that I was grateful that he always supports my crazy adventures (especially Woven Dignity).  Then I wrote about God, “I am thankful that You support me to, but I don’t always see it, please open my eyes that I can see.”

“Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear?” Mark 8:18 I think sometimes we need God’s help to see and hear what great things He is doing.

God opened my eyes in little town Cohutta, Georgia at the General Store.

Since then, I have moved forward in a posture of faith believing that miracles would come for my refugee women, and they have and are still unfolding.  My heart has left America much encouraged.

If you are needing help with something bigger than yourself, I hope the story of Mandy and I at the General Store will encourage your heart, because faith is not limited to a few. Rather faith only requires the trust of belief. Perhaps you don’t have the faith on your own to believe.  If not, you should ask God to help you meet someone with the gift of faith, because it produces miracles.  Or go take a little drive and visit with Mandy at the General Store in little town Cohutta. Big things are happening there.